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What good is a kick-ass off-road bike without a place to ride it?

Yeah, that’s what we thought, too. No damn good at all. SO we put our time, money, and energy toward the places where we and our bikes are the happiest - out in natural spaces and on the trails.

Niner supports access to, and preservation of shared spaces for outdoor recreation of all types. We advocate for trails, public lands, dirt roads, open space, and even improved riding opportunities in cities and towns. We support both national and local organizations that work toward these goals.

We are a decade-long supporter of the International Mountain Bike Association, investing volunteer hours and profits to IMBA. The growth and protection of our trail systems not only directly support every company and every person who makes a product for mountain bikers but support every aspect of a good life. And we think the good life includes spending quality time outside, away from desks, traffic, and obligations outside of keeping it rubber side down. There aren’t that many opportunities to both do good and benefit your bottom line.


If you know your local politician, let them know mountain biking is important to you. If you meet someone interested in mountain biking, talk about it. Keep in my that we all started off as beginners. It’s important we make anyone and everyone feel good about their experience.


Reach out to other user groups, land agency staff, businesses, and elected officials who you don’t already know. You never know who your next ally might be. Conversation and relationship building are the reasons we have the phenomenal diversity of trails we do today. Every new conversation has the potential to become a new trail, potentially even your next favorite trail.


In some sense we mean help with trail maintenance. Get out there, trim some trees and move some rocks. We all know mountain biking means getting dirty, but often the hard work happens behind the scenes. Every IMBA chapter could use an attorney, a social media guru, an event planner, a grant writer and a parent with a little extra time to keep it all together. Volunteer your time to your local trail group. Maybe they just need someone to drive a water jug to trail workers, or maybe they need someone to take on a Comprehensive Mountain Biking Master Plan in your area. Your skillset is unique, both on and off the bike. Reach out to your IMBA chapter to discover how you can help. Trust us, no effort is too small.