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Niner Bikes e9 series, powered by Bosch

Our new e9 series of ebikes is powered exclusively by Bosch, a global leader in ebike technology. Even with an expanding range of available drive systems, the choice to partner with Bosch was easy for Niner.

Bosch has been building ebike motors for over a decade, making it the most experienced supplier. Bosch’s original pedal-assist motor is based on a Mercedes power steering unit developed by Bosch but was too expensive for the auto industry. The motor has evolved since then and is currently optimized in the latest 4th-generation release, the Performance Line CX.

The Bosch Performance Line CX is the best choice for Niner’s e9 series.

  • Bosch’s latest Performance Line CX Gen 4 motor is smaller by 40% and reduced in weight by 700 grams (26%) while increasing efficiency (more range for the same battery) and keeping the torque performance, compared to the prior version.
  • Bosch has the most responsive (fastest processing speed) torque sensor on the market. It’s 20x faster than the nearest competitor. This means the system adds assistance faster and also shuts off faster when the rider stops pedaling.
  • Bosch’s battery is the only UL listed battery and charger on the market- (safety) Niner is utilizing Bosch’s new PowerTube battery in both the 500Wh and 625 Wh sizes and both are nestled into the frame to optimize low center of gravity.
  • Bosch’s battery offers the most energy density on the market today (which translates to the most range per pound of battery, making bikes lighter).
  • Bosch has the largest service network in North America with over 2500 certified techs. Frequent clinics around the world offer plenty of opportunity for Niner dealers and sales staff to be certified.
  • An automotive grade diagnostics system makes it easy for dealers to monitor Bosch drive systems.
  • Bosch has a 2 year warranty on their systems and they are conservative in their estimate of system life. In fact, testers have run motors for longer than 5 years and 30,000 miles.

Bosch Performance Line CX motor

Bosch’s motor is the most efficient on the market today with the flattest torque curve. This means that at a cadence of 30-110 rpm the torque is even and available to the rider. The torque sensor is 20x faster than any other on the market, thanks to a faster processor, resulting in zero-lag power delivery.

  • 85Nm max torque returns a sporty ride feel
  • 340% maximum power assist
  • Class leading torque management for smooth, predictable power delivery.
  • Efficient motor makes full use of available energy
  • No drag and no overheating.
  • Noise optimized gearbox is quiet and discreet.

Bosch Purion display

Compact, clear, and easy to read, the Purion display offers information and power management at the touch of a button.

  • Clear display of charging status, speed, riding mode, range, and distance.
  • Easily toggle between five power assist modes (Turbo, eMTB, Tour, Eco, and Off).
  • “Walk” assist button for even support when off the bike and pushing.
  • Backlit, no-glare display for easy viewing.
  • Easy diagnostics at the dealer via micro-USB port.
  • Optional service interval display

Bosch Power Tube batteries

Energy dense, compact, and integrated into the frame design, Bosch Power Tube lithium ion batteries set the standard for modern ebikes.

  • Rugged, long range Power Tube 625wh for RIP e9 and WFO e9
  • External access for versatile recharging, on or off the bike
  • 4 Amp standard chargers offer ideal balance of performance, weight and size.
  • Power Tube 625: 4.9 hours to full charge