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Test Ride a Niner

We always say, if you really want to understand Niner, you have to go and ride one. Our bikes make riding on dirt a better experience! We’d love to get your bum on one of our bikes, because we are certain you’ll have a great time and you won’t want to give it back.

Meet the Niner Demo team:

AZ and So Cal Sales and Demo

Andy Gracylny

Andy G hangs his hat in Arizona and travels between the Arizona desert and sunny southern California. Basically, he lives in perpetual sunshine. And if you meet him, you'll get to bask in his similarly sunny disposition.  He's been a Niner fan since 2010 and a Niner rep since 2012.

Andy rides any kind of bicycle, as long as it has two wheels, tires with knobby tread, and a Niner logo.

Intermountain West Sales and Demo

Mike LaHaie

Based in beautiful Loveland, Colorado, Mike is one of the most well-connected individuals in the world of bicycles. He knows everyone, literally. He's also the most enthusiastic advocate for riding dirt on two wheels. Mike covers retailer needs, regional bike events, and trailhead demos throughout the Intermountain West, including Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and Montana.

Outside of talking bikes, riding bikes, selling bikes, and supporting bike riders, Mike digs relaxing at home with his family.

Nor Cal Sales and Demo

Eric Highlander

Headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, Eric aka "Hightower" has a long and successful history in mountain bike riding, wrenching, racing, and general bicycle wrangling. He's also known to swing a leg over a gravel bike from time to time, even if only for the sake of an easy cruise along the California coastline between trips.

Gardening and woodworking are Eric's favorite pastimes when riding a bike is not an option.

East Coast Demo Rep

Jonathan Phillips 

Jonathan hails from Georgia where he grew up racing mountain bikes and turning wrenches in bike shops for the last 15 years. He's a Barnett Bicycle Institute certified mechanic.

When he's not on the road, Jonathan can be found in the woods, either carving turns on two wheels, or casting a line into whatever waters are near at hand. He's also just as happy to simply be at home with his wife, stepson, and dog.

Marketing and Demo Coordinator

Lucas Perez 

Our Marketing Coordinator Lucas Perez is based out of Niner's Fort Collins headquarters. He's the undisputed master of wrangling demo bikes, show bikes, sample bikes, and team bikes. On top of that, he handles our event logistics, Niner's web store, and special projects of all types.

When he's not working, Lucas can be found knee deep in the nearest trout stream, waving a fly rod around overhead as if signaling for help from passing aircraft.

New England Sales and Demo 

Coming soon

If you want to test a Niner at one of the events listed below, please arrive prepared and ready to ride!

  • You'll need pedals, a photo ID, and a credit card (for security purposes) to demo a bike
  • Before you ride we'll ask you to complete a digital liability waiver. You can do this right at the tent or before arriving.
  • At festivals and most store demos, we offer bikes on a first-come first-serve basis (no reservations), so it's best to arrive early and ready to rip!
  • However, some dealer demo events may take their own reservations, so if you’re visiting a local shop or trailhead demo, please check in with the shop hosting the event.
  • The bike models available to ride change from stop-to-stop, so contact the organizers of each stop well in advance to make sure the bike you want to try will be available.

Find a Niner demo near you!

Use the contact information listed below to directly contact the retailer hosting that event. To get more details about a festival, use the event website listed for that stop. See you there.

Can't find a demo in your area?

Come and visit us in Fort Collins or check with your local retailer for any upcoming events and ride opportunities not listed.

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