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Back in the early 2000’s Niners founders were avid mountainbikers and early adopter of 29ers’. Quickly realising when they were out with riders on 26er’s on the trails, they realised they were hitting things harder and faster and climbing quicker than the rest of the local riders and identified the increased performance and comfort to them using 29 inch wheels.

With him 100% sold on the technology he founded Niner Bikes in 2005 and launched at Sea Otter that very year with a Scandium Alloy, fully rigid, single speed only, disc brake specific 29er called the One 9.

As the market grew Niner added alloy and carbon mountainbikes as well as patenting the CVA suspension system (Constantly Varying Arc) one of the very first suspension platforms designed solely around 29 inch wheels.

The One 9,  29er, Scandium Alloy, fully rigid, single speed

Over the years, Niner has pushed technology in the mountainbike space with rigid carbon forks, Bio Centric 30 bottom bracket for single speeds, the use of enduro MAX black oxide bearings and many more.

Patented CVA Suspension


Adding gravel bikes to the range in 2012, Niner capitalized on another prescient vision of the rapidly evolving, niche/enthusiast cycling segment. Riding gravel bikes on dirt roads became one of the fastest-growing segments among dedicated riders, with Niner among the world’s most popular brands of gravel bikes.

The RLT 9 3-Star 2017
The RLT 9 3-Star 2017

In 2020 Niner joined the E-bike revolution and launched the WFO e9, RIP e9 and a worlds first RLT e9 E-Gravel. The e9 series of ebikes was powered exclusively by Bosch, a global leader in ebike technology. Even with an expanding range of available drive systems, the choice to partner with Bosch was easy for Niner.
We made sure that the new ebikes fit in with Niner’s ethos and keep pushing the technology forward, with great things to come in the ebike space.

140mm Bosch RIp e9
The 140mm Bosh RIP e9

Product design and development takes place at their home base in the USA; the perfect setting for experts committed to every detail of the rider’s experience. The well-designed bikes helped Niner increase its customers in the U.S. and enabled the company to build its global network in 50+ countries.


United Wheels acquired Niner in 2018, who are a global holding company of outdoor brands including Huffy, Niner Bikes, Batch Bicycles, Royce Union, VAAST Bikes and Buzz E-Bikes. These brands ship more than 5 million bicycles annually to thousands of retail locations in more than 50 countries. The products are known for durability, innovation, comfort and style for every member of the family.

Niner continues to work autonomously while utilising the benefits of being owned by one of the largest and oldest bicycle companies in the world.


Niner is #CommittedtoDirt in every sense: improving access to trails and open space; creating outstanding bicycles for enjoying the roads and trails; and minding the gritty details of doing things the right way for our customers.

With a focus on unique, innovative product development and a constant effort to make riding on dirt better, the brand is synonymous with quality bike for use off road. #pedaldamnit


pedal, damn it!With the first Niner bike being a 29er, fully rigid, single speed, Some of the riders were struggling on getting up some of the more technical local climbs. As a form of motivation “pedal, damn it!” was written on a post it note and stuck it to the top tube. When ever they needed more motivation they looked down and read it for an extra mental boost!
To this day this is still on the top tube of every Niner bike and is one of the longest running strap lines in Mountainbike history.


With one of Niner’s first mountainbikes being a steel 29er and we stay truly to our roots, the new generation of S.I.R (Steel Is Real) is made from cutting edge Reynolds 853 tubing, giving you a more forgiving yet focused ride, still craved by mountainbikers the world over.
You can see what our new S.I.R has to offer by clicking HERE