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You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Mostly. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, check out the Manuals and Downloads section where a lot of parts diagrams live, or the Bikes Archive section, where we maintain information about our back catalogue.

Info for Niner riders:

Q: Can I buy a bike from Niner directly on your website?
A: We do not sell direct to customers on the web or ship from our factory store directly. Please visit our Dealer Locator to find an authorized Niner dealer to assist you with your purchase. They can order any bike in our line for you.

Q: Is a new color or frame design coming out soon?
A: Thank you for your interest in future Niner Bikes. There are always lots of exciting developments happening behind the scenes here. The best way to see what's new is to subscribe to our emails, as that is where we first introduce new releases to Niner fans. We don't send a crazy amount of emails out, so check it out and be the first to know. Click here to sign up.

Q: Can I buy a Niner Branded Saddle, Drop Bars or Stem?
A: We have some parts available for sale here. If they are not on our website, they are likely parts that come from the factory with each bike and are not available for individual sale.

Q: What size frame should I buy?
A: Please see the Chart on the “Geometry & Sizes” tab on the model you are looking at on our website. We highly advise asking a bike shop to help you decide as all riders are different. When between sizes, either bike will likely fit with accommodation in final set up. With the smaller frame that is going to be a more aggressive fit where you may need a longer stem, maybe leave the steerer tube on the fork a little longer and stack some spacers under the stem and maybe even a setback seatpost. With the larger frame choice that will likely be a more traditional fit where the stock stem and seatpost will likely work fine and you may not need as many spacers under your stem. You can also compare our geometry chart to the bike you are currently riding and compare important specs like Top Tube Length, Reach and Standover Height.

Q: Can you send me a catalog of the bikes you sell?
A: Our current catalogue is available for download here.

Q: Do you guys offer any sort of Industry Purchase or Grassroots pricing/Sponsorship?
A: We do offer an Industry Purchase program for Bike Shop employees and Bike Industry Friends with verification of employment. Please email  for details. Grassroots/Sponsorship is handled through your local Niner Dealer.

Q: How do I get sponsored by Niner?
A: We are happy to hear you would like to ride our bikes and represent Niner. We really only work with one or two Pro teams per year. The best course would be to work with your local shop to represent them riding Niner and helping them promote the brand you like. We try to help our dealers in this way and typically work with very few teams or individuals from our corporate program. Best of luck!

Bike Identification and Parts

Q: How do I find the spec for a component on my older model bike?
A: You can identify your model by the approximate year it was made and the paint color. Click on this link and start on Page 30. We have basic specs listed by each model.

Q: Is there an updated Encyclopedia? I can’t find my model anywhere and need to know the specs on a part for my bike.
A: We are in the process of updating the Encyclopedia. You can check our "Bike Archive" found here by matching your frame model and color (see Geometry & Sizes or Tech Specs Tab) or send an email to  with a photo of your bike and the spec you are looking for.

Q: I lost a part on my bike. Can I buy a new one from you?
A: For Niner frames and Niner branded parts: Contact a Niner dealer to see if they have what you are looking for or can order it for you. For parts and components made by other brands, please visit your local Niner dealer or bike shop to see if they have what you need or can order it for you. Niner doesn’t keep small parts from other brands, like bolts, maxles and skewers.

Product and Tech Info

Q: What is the max tire size I can put on my bike?
A: Each frame is different. If you are not able to find your bike in our bike archive, please send your question, a photo of the bike and approximate year to: .

Q: Can I upgrade to a new current model frame and swap my parts over?
A: Models years can change quite a bit. Check out the archive and current model specs and compare, wheels (example: 110X15MM FRONT, 142 X 12MM REAR), bottom bracket, fork travel to start.

Q: Can I put 27.5 wheels on my older model 29er bike?
A: Our current mountain bikes are designed to fit up to 29x2.4" tires. (Keep in mind that tire sizes vary by brand and rim combination, so some tire/rim combinations may not fit) Our 29er frames are not designed around 27.5+ compatibility, unless offered on our website, so we cannot confirm fit of these tire and rim combinations. There may be combinations of 27.5+ tires and rims that fit in some of our frames but it is a trial-and-error situation involving many components. In addition, by switching to the smaller diameter wheel/tire combination the bottom bracket height will drop and likely cause unwanted pedal strikes.

Q: What size chainrings are recommended for my bike?
A: Niner offers recommended chainring sizes in the bike archive or current model page.

Q: I want different gearing, what should I get?
A: Niner offers recommended chainring sizes in the bike archive. If you are looking for more options from non-Niner branded components, please visit or call your Niner dealer or local bike shop. Niner receives many inquiries every day from riders and researchers requesting detailed information on everything from bike specs to tech recommendations. We are honored that so many would consider us the source for these individual questions, yet due to staffing constraints and the depth of brands offering components, we are not able to fulfill these requests. While many of these build changes and updates on your bike are undoubtedly worthwhile, we simply do not have the resources to address the majority of these requests and rely on the bike shops to help riders navigate compatibility and the latest offerings.

Q: What is the actual BB height of my bike?
A: We use the BB drop instead of height due to variances in tire sizes. The height measurement is different for each build dependent on tire choice and it's not possible to advertise an accurate number due to different tire preferences and pressures. *Bottom bracket height can be determined by subtracting the bottom bracket drop from the radius of the wheel and tire combination. So if you can figure out the radius (somewhere around 14.5"+ 1/2" to 1" dependent on tire choice) then just subtract the BB drop from that number.

Q: Which derailleur hanger do I need for my bike?
A: Please visit our parts page and see the bike descriptions on the hangers. Take a look at your bike to see if the rear is a QR (quick release) or Thru Axle (non-hook threaded hanger). This should help narrow the choices down. If it still isn’t clear, shoot us an email with a photo of your bike to: .

Q: : I want to change the Shock on my full suspension frame, what options do I have?
A: We have only tested your frame with the shock supplied and cannot confirm the compatibility of any other options. Please work with your Niner dealer or local bike shop to assist you with compatibility.

Q: If you no longer offer a bike or part in your current line, do you guys have some back in the warehouse?
A: We may have some old stock in our warehouse dependent on how long it’s been since we made the item. Please email  with your question or a photo of what you are looking for.

Q: Are there any dealers who have stock on that part that you no longer make?
A: Unfortunately we have no way of knowing who still has what in stock. A good option would be to get on our Dealer Locator and start calling around.

Q: What are your frame/bike weights?
A: We don’t have weights on all of our Frames/Bikes, as there are too many variables, but we do have some. Email . with a specific request.

Q: I’m planning on replacing the fork on my mountain Bike. What offset should I get?
A: It depends on which bike you have. In general, our XC style bikes pair best with a 51mm offset. The trail bikes like RIP 9 and JET 9 do well with 44mm offset. It’s best to find out your current fork offset and use the same for your new fork.

Q: I have an old Niner bike and want to get a new Niner frame. What parts will carry over?
A: The best way to get this information is to go into the Bike Archives section or the Niner Tech Encyclopedia and compare the information with the Technical Specification section on the current bike pages.

Q: I have an old JET or RIP and I want to run the rear thru-axle/Boost. Can I use the rear triangle from a new JET or RIP?
A: Unfortunately the rear triangles from our frames are not cross compatible. You’ll just have to buy that new bike!

Web Orders

Q: What is your web order return policy?
A: The item(s) must be returned in new condition and in the original packaging. Email . with your order number and item you wish to return and we will email you a Return Authorization number and instructions. Please do not mail items back without this number, as they may not end up in the return department.

Q: Can I change or cancel my web order?
A: We typically process orders before 2:00 pm MST to ship in the same day. It would be best to email . to stop the process. We will email you back with the status and next steps.

Warranty info

Q: I have a crack in my frame. What do I do?
A: Consumers can visit their local Niner dealer with their original receipt for proof of original ownership. The shop will inspect the frame and advise next steps. Please read all warranty details here.

Q: What is the warranty on my bike?
A: Our full warranty policy is located here.

Q: Will repainting my frame void the warranty?
A: Repainting and powder coating will void the factory warranty. Niner frames come from the factory in first quality condition. Any alteration of the original finish leaves the frame in a quality different from the first quality and a warranty does not cover any alteration to factory standards.

Q: Is the warranty transferable when a bike is sold or purchased second hand?
A: It is not transferable. Niner Bikes warranty starts from the date of purchase and is valid for the original owner only.

Q: My derailleur got sucked/shifted into my spokes. Is this covered by warranty? My derailleur hanger broke when I was climbing a hill / shifting to an easier gear in the rear. Is this covered by warranty?
A: This is always unexpected when it happens. This is not a defect covered by warranty. Unfortunately, this is because the derailleur hanger got bent or the derailleur was not adjusted properly or something got tangled in the drive-train.

Derailleur hanger.... this is the part by the rear gears that holds the rear derailleur to the frame.This is a replaceable part that is designed to bend or break like a fuse to protect the frame from permanent damage. It can easily be straightened or replaced. Please, check your bike before each ride.

Q: I recently moved, do I have to process my warranty through the original shop that I purchased my bike from?
A: You are not required to process your warranty claim through the original bike shop that you purchased your Niner from. Any Authorized Niner dealer will be able to assist you with the process.

Q: I purchased my bike from one of your online retailers; example (Competitive Cyclist or Jenson USA) how do I process a warranty claim?
A: Our online retailers are setup to assist you with a warranty claim for items that were purchased through them. Please contact the online supplier that you bought your frame/bike to begin the warranty process.

Q: How long should I expect my warranty claim to take?
A: At Niner we strive to handle your claim as quickly as we can to make sure you experience minimal downtime. From start to finish a standard warranty claim should be completed within 7-10 business days.
***Please note that unforeseen circumstances may increase the amount of time it takes for a warranty claim to completed. i.e replacement inventory, pending evaluation, incomplete documentation***

Q: I crashed and damaged one of my triangles, will I be able to purchase an exact color-match replacement?
A: If we have an identical replacement in stock we will always offer that option first. However, with new paint schemes arriving often it is not a guarantee that we will have that option available at the given time. In this scenario, we will offer a neutral color as a replacement.

Q: I was out riding and took spill, then I noticed afterwards that I damaged my frame. What do I do now? Am I out of Luck?
A: At Niner we realize that accidents happen when you’re out on the trail, although impact related incidents are not covered under warranty we want to make sure that you’re not left stranded. As the original owner, you are entitled to receive a new frame or triangle at a 35% discount from retail pricing, we call this Crash Replacement pricing.
***Niner Bikes does this at its sole discretion and reserves the right to refuse this offer at any time if it is evident that damage occurred out of neglect, misuse or if the required information is not provided.***

Q: I purchased my bike from a dealer that no longer carries Niner or has since closed their doors, where do I process my warranty?
A: Please visit our Dealer Locator which can be found under the “Dealer & Demo” tab on our webpage. If you still need help locating an Authorized dealer, or do not have an authorized dealer nearby please contact our warranty rep:

Q: I found a great deal on a Niner that is being sold by a private party (i.e craiglist), the bike is in great shape and they mentioned that it’s still within the given warranty period, will Niner honor the warranty even though I am the second owner?
A: The Niner warranty is visible here . It is extended only to the original owner, with proof or purchase only. The warranty is non-transferable and is considered void once the bicycle has been sold. Additionally, any Crash Replacement offer or discount(s) will only be offered to the original owner, with proof of purchase.
***Niner Bikes does this at its sole discretion and reserves the right to refuse this offer at any time if it is evident that damage occurred out of neglect, misuse or if the required information is not provided***

Q: Does Niner cover paint under their warranty policy?
A: Niner will consider paint, clear coat, and some decals for warranty within 1 year from the date of purchase.
***Niner Bikes does this at its sole discretion and reserves the right to refuse this offer at any time if it is evident that damage occurred out of neglect, misuse***

Q: Is it required that I register my frame before I submit a claim for warranty?
A: We do require you to register your frame, however, registering your frame upon purchase may help in certain circumstances. For example, if you have misplaced your original proof or purchase, we may have a copy on record if you decided to upload it during the registration process.

Q: Will changing the components on my frame void my warranty?
A: Niner’s product team works together to spec components that we feel are best suited for each model. With that being said, we also understand that there are individual preferences. If you are thinking of customizing your Niner, but you are unsure of whether or not it is compatible or meets the frames intended use, please reach out to